Winter Schedule 2018


Hello dear Tinder Hearth supporters-

This is just a little note to catch you all up on our winter plans. This season we have decided to significantly change our schedule: we are decreasing our baking days and outlets in an attempt to make the off-season more sustainable for the business. It is a difficult decision to make for multiple reasons, but especially because it will make the bread and pastries less available for you. We are so grateful for all of your support through the years, and look forward to many more years of serving you!

-> We WILL be making Thanksgiving Special Breads, we will post the menu soon! <-

Bread: We will be doing a full bake of all our regular loaves on Saturdays only. We will deliver bread to locations in Deer Isle, Blue Hill, and Ellsworth (see below for details). Also, don’t miss out on the two winter farmers’ market we attend on Saturdays, in Blue Hill and Belfast. They are both extraordinary.

Are you the type of person who buys bread a few times a week? May we suggest you get double on Saturday, and throw some into the freezer for later in the week. Some folks rave about slicing it up before freezing, so they can easily take out just what they need. And, if your bread is older than a couple days, we always recommend sprinkling a little water on the crust before it hits the toaster. Hard bread = good bread, if you rehydrate!

Pastry: We will be baking pastries on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They will be available at the same locations as the bread.

Pizza: We’re sticking with tried-and-true Tuesday nights. Call us up and order a pie for take out or enjoy it in the family-style close-but-cozy bakery seating. 5-8PM. We’ll have drinks, winter salads, and dessert on the menu all season.


TUESDAY ::: Pizza 5-8PM

WEDNESDAY ::: Pastries & Focaccia

SATURDAY ::: Bread & Pastries


  • Tinder Hearth Bakery
  • 44 North in Deer Isle
  • Blue Hill Wineshop
  • Blue Hill Co-Op
  • John Edwards in Ellsworth
  • Winter Market at Mainescape in Blue Hill, 9:30-12:00, Saturdays
  • United Farmers’ Market of Belfast, 9:00-2:00, Saturdays

Summer Pizza 2018

Pizza! The garden is already brimming with green and flowering life, and we’re adding another night onto our summer schedule. See our facebook or instagram feeds for our daily toppings menu (you don’t need an account of your own to see our posts!).

And remember you must call us to order your pizza! We start taking orders for the week Monday morning. (207)326-8381

Summer Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Saturdays will start July 7th

We will be closed for pizza July 4th.


Happy summer!

Tinder Hearth

Back to Basics


Hello everyone-

Just a quick heads up that we’re going back to baking bread and pastries on Tuesday and Friday for the rest of the quiet season.

Pizza will continue on Tuesday as normal. Find us at the Winter Market on Saturdays.


Photo: Wylde Photography

Thanksgiving Schedule

IMG_5118  <<Remember this old friend??

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we’re baking on a different schedule this week to get you all some great loaves right before the holiday. Look for bread and pastries at all of our locations this week on:

Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday

And on Wednesday, we’re also making:

Raisin Spelt

Toasted Sesame Apricot

Olive Walnut Herb

Brioche Rolls

Please call the bakery if you would like to order any bread. Our special bread is available ONLY by order, at the bakery. Call us! 326-8381

Also, there will not be any pizza this week, due to the bread schedule!

Thank you all!


Summer Pizza Is Upon Us!

We are currently making pizzas on Tuesday and Friday evenings, 5-8PM. Wednesday Nights will start on June 21st, and go through the height of the summer months. So, just to recap, we’ll be slinging pies:

Tuesday ~ Wednesday ~ Friday  5-8PM

We now have a Parking Lot for your safety, and Beer and Wine in our outside bar for your pleasure. Make sure you call to order your pizza in advance: 326-8381.

We look forward to seeing you.

xoxo The TH Crew


Available FRIDAY the 23rd ~~ Order NOW: 326-8381

– Apricot Walnut Fennel (see the pic)
– Polenta Pumpkin Seed Herb
– Raisin Spelt (you old fav is back for one day)
– Brioche Dinner Rolls (10 per pan…so fluffy…)

Available for pick-up here at Tinder Hearth.
Please call to reserve your loaves and pastries~~ We’ll have the full array of regular offerings too!

Thanksgiving Specials

It’s that time again!

Our Thanksgiving Week bake schedule is:

Monday the 22nd 

Wednesday the 24th

We will be baking FOUR special holiday loaves for WEDNESDAY.

This year we are changing the way we distribute the specials, and will NOT be delivering them to the stores. So to get your holiday bread, please call the bakery: 326-8381 to reserve your loaves, and plan on coming by the bakery on Wednesday to pick them up!

Apricot Walnut Fennel

Polenta Pumpkin Seed Herb

Raisin Spelt

NEW! Brioche Dinner Rolls  (10)

(The Brioche are simply dreamy… and come in a little pan so you can easily pop them in the oven when it comes time.)

Sending out love to you all!

-The Tinder Hearth Crew




Spring Break

tinderhearth_winter-216The bakery will be taking some time off in April for much needed rest and repairs:

  • No Pizza for the whole month of April
  • No Bread & Pastries April 14th-30th

Thank you all so much for your love and support. We are looking forward to summer!