July 2020

photo by Jenny McNulty @wyldephoto

Hello dear neighbors-

Midsummer is here and walking in our backyard in the evening feels rather surreal—the lush green leaves of the maple tree riffle in the breeze, butterflies loop through the milkweed, the rascally bobolinks and lone sora out in the marsh talk a lot—but none of you are here! The picnic tables remain stacked in their winter storage arrangement, the children’s tractors usually sit idle, and Tim is keeping his surfboards in the oven house. No parties, no music, and no community joy among the flowers. We miss you!!

Most summers our business explodes into constant motion, a little bit like a chaotic yet joyful circus train climbing a ten-week-long mountain. Our two main summer goals have always been to (1) maximize our production while maintaining excellence, and (2) provide as many good jobs as possible. It’s a short busy season here, but the flurry of activity is hugely exciting and a wonderful juxtaposition to our quiet winters.

As most of you already know, this year we have decided to do things very differently due to concerns over the spread of Covid-19. We have not taken up our typical summer hours, and are basically going with a slightly expanded version of our winter schedule: bread and pastry are available on Saturdays only, and we’re making pizza for takeout on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

This spring, after much research, consultations, deliberations, and questions (sound familiar, anyone?), we decided to choose the safest route possible—for our family, our staff, and our community—without actually closing. The two most impactful results of this decision is that we are not allowing more than five staff members to work in the bakery space at once, and we’re not inviting guests to gather on the property. This means we’re producing far less than usual, and we’re offering take-out only.

To produce less is a hardship—financially for the bakery and our staff, and practically for all of you who rely on our products as staples in your daily meals and for fun evenings out. We are currently employing a valiant and vigilant staff of 9, rather than the typical summer team of 30+. We are making only a third of the bread and pastries that we produced last summer. And we’re making pizza only 3 out of our normal 5 nights a week.

That is A LOT less! We despise not making more food. It feels awful. But we cannot, in good conscience, crank this summer as we usually do, so this is where we have landed. We hope you all understand.

We are selling almost all our bread and pastry directly from the bakery, with the exception of a little bread and pastry at 44 North (this Island girl can’t not have a little Tinder Hearth presence down there). Many thanks to everyone who instantly got on board with mid-week online ordering and coming out here for pick-up. We’re so very, very grateful for your support.

Head’s up, now that July is here products are selling quickly online. It’s not ideal, but it’s where we’re at this summer. Our best advice to you is to set your alarms and get on the ordering as early as you can! Good luck!

We weren’t sure if take-out pizza would remain popular once other restaurants opened for dining, but it certainly has. We are starting to sell out, and ordering is difficult, to say the least. It’s kind of like a lottery for folks who are able to call us a million times. Not ideal. We know. We’re so sorry about the phone situation, and we’re working hard right now to come up with a solution. We might go to online ordering for pizza, or just get another line going so we can process orders twice as fast. Stay tuned for an update in the next week or so. But THANK YOU!!! Thank you for supporting us despite the difficulty and for your patience. Thank you.

Our hearts are in everything that we do, and we are so grateful to be in this incredibly beautiful place with all of you. There is so much to fight for, and here’s to the strength and creative power we can find anew together, here in our community. May the deep beauty of these shimmering lands and waters fill you up with mysterious forces for life and wellness. We love you and miss you—see you in the driveway!

With love,
Lydia and Tim,
with Kieran and Alva