Thursday Pizza and Saturday Changes

Photo by Jenny McNulty:

Hey Folks! The peepers and bittern and woodcock are back in full force over here in the marshlands, making a right racket each evening; we’re so very grateful to live among such stunning beauty, and get to share it with you in these difficult days. Thank you so much for your support.

We’re continuing to shift around our schedule to try to offer all of you the best food we can while keeping things as spacious as possible within the bakery. Our staff are a bunch of rock stars, and have been working so hard and with so much love.

Take a look at our schedule changes, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

This week we are adding THURSDAY to our pizza schedule! And our Saturday PICK-UP time is now changed to 9:00-1:00 to accommodate more orders.


PIZZA Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5-8PM

BREAD & PASTRY Saturday 9:00-1:00

How to ORDER? If you’re looking for PIZZA, you must place your order by phone. We start taking orders for the whole week on Tuesday at 8AM. The line has been very busy Tuesday mornings, but with 3 nights of pizza now, calling later on means you should still be able to get a pizza this week! Check out our insta or facebook (you don’t need an account to see our facebook posts!! Just click that link!) on Tuesdays to see the menu, and we’ll make updates if/when we sell out. Sound good?

For ordering BREAD & PASTRY we are now taking all orders ONLINE! Yeah! Our online store is open each week at 8AM on WEDNESDAYS. Pickup is at the bakery on Saturday, now 9:00-1:00. Thank you!!

We are sad to announce that for the time being, we are no longer delivering to the Blue Hill Co-Op or John Edwards in Ellsworth.

This was a difficult decision for us, but as we move into the warmer months, we will not be able to expand our bread production as much as we are accustomed to in the summers past. Our bakery space is very small, and for our employees’ safety, we are going to continue to keep the number of people who must work in the bakery at any one time minimal.

Please reach out if you have any questions! is the easiest way to reach us directly.

Thank you, and sending love,

Lydia and Tim