Online Ordering Is Here!

Wow!!! Look at that picture! ORDER ONLINE?!?! Yes! Somehow the luddites over at Tinder Hearth figured out how to make an ONLINE STORE for ordering BREAD and PASTRY. (Not pizza… sorry… that’s still a phone call on Tuesday kind of thing). Here’re the details, ready?

We are baking bread and pastry for pick up here at the bakery on SATURDAY only (yeah, that’s subject to change, lol… be on the lookout). All items must be PRE-ORDERED and PRE-PAID. Because good bread (and croissant) takes tiiiiiime, we need orders to be placed on WEDNESDAY.

Our little online store will be live 8am-8pm on Wednesdays (we’ll extend it into Thursday this week, because, hi, we’re all just learning about this). So go ahead, and click this link, and place your order!! (You can find a link to the store on our website anytime).

Feel free to call if things look wacky, OK? And then pickup your goods outside the bakery, 8am-noon on Saturday. Whoo! We got this. Let’s see what happens.

Love to all, Lydia and Tim