Saturday Bake: PreOrder!

Hello dear ones-

Just a quick word to let you know that we ARE baking bread and some pastries this SATURDAY. Things are a little different than usual (and it’s not just that we’re wearing masks to work). Here’s what you need to know:

-You can pick up HERE at the bakery, or at one of the 3 stores that are still open.

-If you would like to come here (please do!), we ask that you PREORDER your bread&pastry TODAY! THURSDAY! So that we know how much to bake, and so we can have your order packaged when it’s time to pick it up on Saturday. Call us: 326-8381 or email: DM on insta works too.

-We will be OPEN from 8AM-NOON. We will no longer be offering self-serve in the afternoon/Sunday

-Bakery pickup will take place outside or in the barn if it’s wet, and we ask if possible to pay with credit? Thank you!! Please don’t come into the bakery, and y’all know the social distancing drill by now, right?

-We are BAKING all our bread + croissant: plain, choc and almond; and scones: regular currant, as well as a cheesy savory option.

-We will also deliver to 44 North in Deer Isle (which now has curbside pickup), The Blue Hill Co-Op (which is working on a curbside option), and John Edwards in Ellsworth.

BELFAST FOLKS: We are working towards a way to get y’all bread, sorry to miss you this week!! If you’re interested, please let us know!!! This option will depend on enough folks being interested and preordering.

Thank you all so much for your support—May we weather this well together. ✨♥️✨ Lydia and Tim