Thanksgiving 2019

Happy winter folks! I hope everyone here in Maine is getting the snow tires on and firewood stacked, because here we gooooo! Over here at the bakery we love the snow and even the ice (it’s something to do with hockey), wood fires and the quiet of this time of year. As well as cozy pizza nights, so get on over here, OK? We’re baking pizza on Tuesdays, and this weather has finally driven us inside (see you in the spring, barn!), so come and enjoy a pint and a pie while snuggled up with Svetlana (that’s our oven) as well as right close to your neighbors. 😉

And Thanksgiving is right around the corner! As always, we’ll be doing a special bake the day before Thanksgiving. If you’re interested in ordering bread, give us a call: 207-326-8381 or email: for pick up at the bakery that day!

^Polenta bread by Carina Gressitt who was at the healm of bread production this summer ❤

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Tuesday Nov 26th No Pizza due to the Wednesday bake hogging up the bakery. Darn!

Wednesday Nov 27th Bread and Pastry: Special Loaves (see below) available at the bakery, as well as all our regular breads and pastries delivered to our 4 locations

Saturday Nov 30th: Bread and Pastry, as usual

* Apricot Fennel Walnut *

* Polenta Pumpkin Seed Herb *

* Raisin Pecan Spelt *

These three loaves will be available on Wednesday, Nov 27th here at the bakery, along with all our regular bread and pastry. They are each $9.00. Email us your order, for special or regular loaves, as well as any pastry:

Thank you for all your support! We hope to see you soon.


Lydia, Tim, and all the crew at Tinder Hearth