Thanksgiving Week Announcements, Friday the 22nd

Hello dears! Here’s an update from Tinder Land:

1) If I may be so bold, I’d like to announce that the FRENCH is AWESOME today. Best in months! So if you need an excuse to eat nice fluffy white bread, I’d recommend TODAY.

2) We’re baking for MONDAY and WEDNESDAY next week. On WEDNESDAY we’re baking, along with all the old favorites, our holiday specials ROSEMARY LEMON and FENNEL APRICOT WALNUT. Woohoo!

3) If you’d like to reserve your Thanksgiving bread, please call us at the bakery 326-8381 by MONDAY AFTERNOON!

4) No pizza next week. The bread is hogging up all our time. Those brats.

5) Stay on the look-out next Saturday…. we’ve got some special post-Thanksgiving yummies in mind for the Local Food Exchange…..